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West Lake Limestone VFD

About Us

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We are a small group of people that  dedicate as much time as we can to help others in a time of need.

Our Staff

President =  Adam Collet
Vic. President =  Verna Hicks
Fire Cheif = David Nobles
Asst. Chief = Henry Davis
Secretary= Sheryl Davis
Tres. =  Elisabeth Miller
Captain = Gary Bedwell

FireRescue Flag.gif

Our Programs

If we offer programs or services, we'll include a list of them here.

Our Location

Our Station is located on LCR 750 & LCR 751 on the West side of Lake Limestone. Our Office is located at 3331 LCR 750 Thornton, Tx. 76687.

Serving the West Side of Lake Limestone in Limestone County Texas