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West Lake Limestone VFD

Getting Involved

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Getting Involved
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Not everyone can get involved in the same way. On this page we would like to present different options to encourage others to get involved with our
Fire Department.
For example: You could donate Bottled Water, Vehicle Cleaning Supplies, Paper Towels, or even Fuel.

Volunteer Your Time

All members dont have to Fight Fires. We could use Volenteers to bring Drinking Water and other Supplies to Fire Locations. Members could also volenteer ther time to help with and supervise Activities, Fund Raisers or any other asset that they might have to offer the Department.

Make a Donation

Donations can be Mailed or Shipped to:
               3331 LCR 750
           Thornton, Tx. 76687

Thank you for your Support

Serving the West Side of Lake Limestone in Limestone County Texas